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Puzzle 1

This is all made up and does not mean to mirror any real life scene in any way.

Incident report

Name of Victim:  Son A. Doe

Age: 12

Height: 5’6” or 68 inch

Weight: 90 lbs (40.82)kilo

Race: White

Name of legal guardian/parent: Dad A. Doe / Mom a. Doe

Gender: M/F

SSN:000-00-0000/ 000-00-0000

Phone number: (000)000-0000 mobile / (000)000-0000 mobile

Address: 2808 Jones ST Greenjay XX 49000

Type of Incident: Kidnapping

Date of incident: 06/11/2023

Location of incident: 2808 Jones ST Greenjay XX 49000

Next of kin: Dad A. Doe / Mom a. Doe

Notified by

Time of notification

Type of injury:

Location of bodily injury:

Hospital required?

Which hospital:


Crime Scene:


Report of Officer 1:

Officer, one get on scene about 1015 or (10:15 am) states Mom a. Doe was waiting out side crying on the phone to someone. I walked up to Mom a. Doe and I could hear her asking if someone had seen her son and to please call her is they see her son.  Statement made by Mom a. Doe is as follows: Mom a. Doe said she walk up about 0900 or (9 am) First thing she stated that she notices is that it was light outside. Son never lets her sleep in this late he is always up first and waking her up. She went to check on him in his room and he was not there, so she looked throughout the house and he was not there she then started calling all his friends to see if he was other there and he was not. She then called her Husband to alert him and to see if he knows where their son was. Mom stated that he works nights at Greenjay home manufacture plant on the over night shift. She stated he was the one to call police and should be here any time. The husband show up at the house at 1020 (1020am) Dad statement as follows: he left for work about 2200 or (10 pm) He check in on his son and he was sleeping and then work to work and was there tell he got the phone call from Mom and then informed his bosses that his son was missing and left work and come straight here. He stated that he called police before he left from work. That is way it took he so long to get home. Stated he called police at 0920 or (920 am)


Why did it take so long for law enforcement to show up?


In the report did the office state how Mom and Dad were acting or where were their emotional states? Why would this be important?  


Think about the Parents and what they would be going thought and how it may affect them and their actions.


Did law enforcement have body camera’s recording? If not why not?


Did the police ensure that both parents were separated before they gave their statements? Why?


What happens if the parents and the officers have a history? How could this influence the investigation?


If you were the officer, how would you keep Bais from affecting you interactions?


These are made up statistics:

Kidnapping is done by family 50% and done an acquaintance 30% and stranger 21%


How might these statistics color how law enforcement interact with the family? How might it influence their investigation?


What questions, or investigative things might help clear or help provide information about the family faster?


Behavioral characteristics: How could the behavioral pattern of the parents help clear the parents or hurt the parents and how can bias affect that?


What would the next steps be?

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