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Critical Thinking

The Steps of the scientific Method

1) Ask a questions (about an observation)

2) Do background research 

3) Construct a Hypothesis ( A hypothesis is an educated guess about your question)

4)Test your hypothesis by doing an experiment

5) Analyze your date and draw your conclusions

6) Communicate your results

Critical thinking

  1. Evaluating the nature and quality of any information and its sources.

  2. Recognizing bias in all its forms, including all the sources of bias.

  3. Separating facts from opinions

  4. Distinguishing between primary sources of information (unaltered-direct from the source) and Secondary sources of information- (altered-interpreted or summarized thought someone else).

  5. Synthesizing information.


Criminal profiling, an introduction to behavioral evidence analysis by Brent E Turvey page 55


To synthesize information: means to gather and analyze information from multiple sources to gain valuable insights.

Synthesizing Information Definition and Meaning | Top Hat


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